Words About a Book I Loved


-90s Queen Bee –

by Bree Hoskin

(Tbh, I had to Google a lot of nineties references while reading this book. Curious mind and all.)
So, yes yes yes, it does sound like a terrible book. Not that I have anything against the 90s- they did give us chokers after all (did I get my history right?). It’s just that….I was basically in diapers through most of its second half. (and I hate it when people throw around Friends references, like we should know who Ross was.)

And the book, the title itself put me off, more so the storyline. A thirty something lady time travelling back into high school to rule over her peers? Barf. It’s all them 90s rom coms bumping uglies with their noughties counterparts to give birth to little baby Cliche of the Centuries.

But then flo came by, that neurotic cries-all-the-time bitch, and I wound up stuck in my shoebox flat, all through Thursday, ironically with an uncomfortably fritzy knee, in need of some serious crap-lit therapy to save the day. 

And there it was. Winking at me from the chick lit section. Tire me to sleep, ye! Mama needs fifty eye rolls a minute before passing out from sheer boredom please.

Then the unthinkable happened. I actually began to…eek…like it. Not, watching a bad movie it’s so bad it’s good kinda like. No. This was the good kind of like. The kind of like so good I might let it feel me up later kinda like.

Oh mi god, Bree Hoskin, BFF me! 

The writing itself was beautiful. One of those rare wattpad gems that gets you believing in humanity again. And the main character, Sammy…mwaah! Amazing. She got me laughing-crying-angry-nostalgic, all at once. (Ha ha, not just flo can do that, it seems)

Turns out, it’s not all about her going back in time to live out long awaited fantasies as I’d figured. Though, she does. Live out long awaited fantasies, that is. A lot. Top bun in 1998! Yaass, queen. Slay! (we shall vehemently regret saying stuff like this soon) 

Instead, she learns that the freak trip was to help her reconcile her past. Which she does. While sticking it up to her teenage bullies with as much class as a 17 year old can.
Anyway, I loved the book, it was cool. Whatever.
Ps: am I the only one who re-watches old movies and immediately wonders how bad they were? No? Just me , huh? K.
Pps: till this day I won’t let myself re-watch Titanic, just in case it’s not as good as I remember 🙂 .