This Kind of Feminist

​I’m a girl child. I’m a beneficiary of the movement. It shall forever be a part of who I am; personally and professionally.

I’m also a feminist…

Oh, no. Not that kind of feminist. I don’t believe women are better than men. I don’t believe in the “what a man can do a woman can do better philosophy”. And I don’t believe the ” future is woman”; actually, the very thought of a future where one gender rules over the other scares the shit out of me.

I don’t think women should run the world, and neither should men.

As I said, I’m a feminist. I believe in equality. Equality is in fact the very basis of feminism; of a world where people aren’t fitted into neat little stereotypical boxes and bullied to remain.

It’s a culture; a way of living and thinking, whereby a person’s genitalia, which have been put in place by nature as a way of ensuring the continuance of the human race,  are not used as a weighing scale of their mental and physical abilities(hereby you might argue that women are generally smaller and men are bigger. That’s just a teeny weeny superficially cultural imposition. Women can be big and muscular, just as men can be small.)  

Feminism is an essential freedom that modern humans can enjoy, away from the pressures our ancestors suffered, battling against fierce elements, out there in the forest or whatever (ps:I’m a big fan of The Croods). 

Feminism is equality.

It isn’t crudity. It isn’t nudity. It isn’t how many men I have slept with. It isn’t comparing myself to the traditional, nay, old perception of masculine behaviours.

It isn’t being imposing or rude.

It isn’t refusing help from a man because he’s an “entitled jerk who believes all women are helpless”.

Feminism is civility; the ability to live side by side with respect.

It is the representation of the entire human race.
We shouldn’t be so busy exalting one race while ignoring another. We shouldn’t be creating a divide between the genders. And we sure as hell shouldn’t be punishing our brothers for the sins of our ancestors.
I’m a feminist- not that kind of feminist. Just the textbook kind.