the beginning

​Here it was…the beginning of nothing. That’s how it seems, doesn’t it? When the sun disappears, the clouds gather and the lightest of rain brushes your cheek. And you wait, and wait. For that bothersome ray of sunlight to return. The frustrating heat beating down on your skin. The light skirts and dusty toes. It shall return, you say, so you hold your breath. Time stills, no oxygen, you go numb. Sun…you wait. Sun, sun, sun. Then the drizzle becomes a persistent spatter, slapping and slashing. Fierce and merciless. You need shelter you know but sun..sun, sun, sun…

These are my moments … Standing in the pouring rain…. Wet and numb…. Waiting for the sun. The warmth. The cruel heat.

My grandmother crumpling into a heap on the dirt by his grave…. 

Chasing mum down the oncology wing….

The cold, the rain, the feeling of nothing. The apocalypse of nothing. The beginning of nothing.