Hakuna Matata/Kumbaya

​Humanity. The notion of perceiving people as good. But are we, though? I’m not. I’ve been mean and selfish. I’ve felt hate so deep I craved blood. I have been kind, yes. I have shared and loved. I’ve felt shame and guilt.
Could I kill?
Perhaps. Not something I’ve pondered, but probably yes. For my survival? Maybe.
I have known worse. People so normal and terrible. People who spewed hate like spit; inconsequential and ordinary.
So how do we do it? How do we live day by day, side by side, and leave unharmed?
Is the idea of love so great it covers us as a blanket? Is humanity the religion we all swear by? Do we truly, really, care for our neighbors?
Or are we all just scared shitless of each other.