Independence Day!

It’s Madaraka Day! 

This means motorcade traffic, netflix and chill… barbecues, kachumbari, someone’s paying for the beer?… whoop whoop!

It also means that over half a century ago, more than a few men and women believed we deserved all this. They believed in something; they believed in us.

​As the war dragged on, the administration started relocating a large part of the native population into what it dubbed “protected villages”. These were surrounded by barbed wire, guarded by soldiers and resembled the detention camps in everything but name. The “villages” also served the purpose of cutting off the locals’ support to the guerrillas. 


In the world that we live in today, of bated breath and fear, hooded under witty memes and tweets; moments like these, days like these, remind me of what we could lose, what we need to be strong enough to fight for.

Freedom, Equality and Peace. The very essence of the earth beneath our feet.

Kenyan Freedom Fighter and Hero, Dedan Kimathi.



    • True, we are far from true democracy and that is something that we can worry over for the rest of the year- but today, we get to say, hey, someone half a decade ago fought to give us a semblance of a choice. It’s pretty humbling


        • I understand; it’s not democracy that they fought for.
          They fought for what they could see, right then. Freedom. And dignity. Non-enslavement(?)
          They wanted a choice.
          The luxury of a choice that we have today. Yes, politics suck. So we have the choice to bitch and moan and protest against tyranny and poverty. It might not be perfect; but it does not, in any way, lessen the value of their efforts.
          They didn’t give up. They wanted a choice. We want equality, and a world without corruption and fear. We can’t give up either.


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