Falling into The Fears

It’s raining outside… I don’t want to dance in it, run in it, sing it…

I want to stand in it. In the cold, right in the middle of the street.


I’m sloshing around in my mind now. Floating in the murk of what’s mine. I need the rain. I need the rain. I need the stark feeling of reality; to be in one place, to be here.



  1. It’s deep… Rains are just awesome one can sit and continously feel the drops running down bottom to earth, one can feel the smell of mud after rain, one can enjoy and relate the music of the drops, and one can relate their present state of mind with rain… !! Great post!! Have fun!! Happy Sunday

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  2. I used to put on wet weather gear and walk up a beach with my Herman shepherd at night, evening morning and day. Ewen from the clothes but cold on my face. A releasing cold.

    I stand with you in the rain.

    It is our soul

    Thank you for a great piece

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