To the Nice Guys

So I took a break.

I’d already put up a post today, and with it the guilt of letting my writing hand go limp for over a week dissipated. I’m still a blogger!

Now onto social media; I’d start off with Facebook for the cute vacation pics that make me hate my life before drowning myself in Tumblr memes for a couple hundred hours #productivity.

But then I saw it. The headline that has stirred up all kinds of debate across the continent.

Karabo Mokoena: the 22yr old Uni student who was murdered by her boyfriend.

It all began down under, in South Africa, where the #MenAreTrash tag was used by women to share their abuse stories. 

It was a movement! 

Inspiring and supportive as it was… someone’s life was going to be saved, I could feel it.

But, as with all good things, someone just had to spoil it.

So once upon a time there was a twiddler, 

a thumb twiddler, 

who could never let anything be, 


not a neat room, tidy and clean, 

“it just has to be ruined!” the thumb twiddler cried

 “or I’d absolutely lose my mind”…and the conversation was changed.

The hashtag was no longer a safe space for women to reach out and encourage each other, but now a platform for the ” good guys exist too” pout fest. It was pretty glorious.

There were articles and super long posts all outlining male heroism and goodness towards women. 

As I said, pretty glorious.

And for once, I think, the Nice Guys won. They did it. Mission accomplished!

Now no one was talking (or at least being heard) about the femicide that plagued us. Or even the feminist uproar that was arising across the Continent as women hollered “enough!”, and the mutilation reversal surgeries in Kenya as women took back their power. Nothing.

 All that matters is the bruising of some random guy’s ego.

So remember that, ladies. The next time you clutch on to your racing heart as you walk home alone, or fret over your outfit as you’re catcalled on the streets…don’t complain! You might hurt someone’s feelings.



  1. Beautifully written. I was actually on the good guy’s side in all this. There are some good guy’s out there. Then I saw the tweets of girls sharing their abuse stories under the hashtag. It was heartbreaking!! So much goes unnoticed because it’s done to women. It just opened my eyes to the things girls and women go through every single day, in the hands of the men we love and men who are to be our protectors. The world is lost.

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    • You’re right, it is πŸ™‚ however the hashtag isn’t targeting men- no one’s walking around calling men trash lol it’s aimed at women who are in abusive relationships but fail to leave or report to the authorities…it’s meant to make them realize that the situation they’re in isn’t ideal and the man who’s hurting them will never change and might one day kill them

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  2. I’m gonna rip the head off the next creep who even looks at me funny. I’m on the cusp of a violent blackout. So yeah, when it pops up on the news that some trucker was found decapitated next to I-70, you can just show this to the police. I’ll bein touch once I find a cig to bring me out.

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  3. Good post. This is usually the story. PC grows and drowns out events in the process. It is like fads. We won’t all agree on what is the present altar of worship. We’re human, yes. Fallible yes.

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    • I guess so. Being PC is all the rage right now. People do however need to know when it’s appropriate to argue against another in the name of being “politically correct” instead of focusing on the issue at hand.
      Thank you for the feedback, much appreciated πŸ™‚

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