4 Comics that Perfectly sum up ‘Being a Woman’

When I was younger, I wanted (among other things) to be a Pussy Cat Doll. I practised dance moves, flipped my braids a lot and wore my skirts as short as my mum would let me (I went to boarding school so they were always pretty short).

I wanted to be a woman…wonderfully and gorgeously a woman. 

Now that I’m here though, I’ve learnt that womanhood is hardly like I’d pictured it.

Beauty breeds confidence-and so do over sized tee shirts…

Looks aren’t everything- there are bills, school assignments, and death inspired exercises all packed in a pretty little tote called Adulthood™.

Wake up everyday like you’re fighting for your life…

Because sometimes you are.

Love feels like a new pair of snug jeans…

Sex does too


You’re a black woman, you’re a skinny girl, and above all, you’re a human being…

Don’t get too hung up on the world’s labels. 

And finally

Your vagina does not make you a woman…

Chanting ‘Bloody Mary’three times in the dark does.


To check out more of Sarah Andersen’s comics, scoot on over to Amazon.


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