I don’t want to go anywhere today. Every single part of me seems to be in pain: my head hurts, my nose hurts, my friggin eyelids… Eyelids! I didn’t even know that part of me, like, worked.

Okay, I know that they work, obviously. (Chuckles nervously)

But can’t I just get away with flu-addled brain today? May be even get a break from adulting and stuff… Stay in my bed clothes *ahem, ripped tee shirt*, get a little soup action, pop in a few sob-teen movies…

If only the Internet granted wishes, eh?



  1. I feel you, I’m here with itchy watery eyes, swollen nose *cough *cough *spit….ewww Lungs feel like they have a heavy wet thick spider wed of mucus going on….I want to stay in bed and hid from the world….. so I guess right now we are sicky buddys lol

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  2. Out of all the things that I’m most disappointed haven’t come true yet from Star Trek, it’s transporter technology. Then you could just beam your friends on the internet some soup when they’re sick. πŸ™‚ I Hope you feel better soon!

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